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What makes this district, and Clark County as a whole, special to you?

"Ridgefield is my home and I want nothing but the best for it. I have lived in the community for almost 13 years and I love the blend, of rural living, mixed with small town and city life. It’s been a quiet community where neighbors are like family. It’s been a great place to raise my family and I have high hopes and aspirations for the future of Clark County."


Education is important to you. What do you hope to see of our education system in five years?

"I hope to see programs instituted in the schools that parallel the Running Start program. Not all kids are going to go to college for whatever the reason and I feel that programs such as union-sponsored apprenticeships should be instituted into the district. Labor unions provide living wage jobs and fight hard to ensure that their members and workers are treated fairly and earned a fair wage for a hard day’s work."


What made you decide to run for state representative?

"I see a need for change in this district. We have matters on the table that are not being taken care of. Issues like education, healthcare, and infrastructure; issues that can squared with some simple, common sense application."


What do you think about companies fighting workers injured on the job?

"I think that a company that fights "its worker that get injured on the job should cease to exist. I’m going to try and answer this without cursing, so bare with me. Employees are what make the company go ‘round. If you take care of your employees, they will break their backs for you. I spent time in the military and was injured there as well. Once I sustained that injury, I may as well have been put out to pasture. Hence why you see a lot of Vets out here that are mentally and physically damaged. The country’s largest employer, not taking care of its own!


If elected will you ask the people what’s most important to them?

"That is the core element of our strategy. I intend to get out and listen to the people to hear their concerns. It doesn’t make sense for me to develop a platform around issues that people don’t care about. Once we have gathered enough info, we will formulate a strong ground game and hit the streets."


Will you fight for the working class, and poor?

"If I weren’t willing, there is absolutely no reason for me to seek election. The working class and the poor are the most underrepresented and the most overburdened group in this country. We are made to suck it up for the rich and their tax cuts while a diabetic mother of a newborn has to make a decision on whether to buy insulin or formula."


What are your thoughts on the working class, spending almost every they earn on rent, food, and utilities?

"I don’t agree with it at all. I’ve had days where I’ve had days where I had to stretch $100 over a week for food and gas. It’s an agonizing and defeated feeling. People go to work on a daily and work hard for their money. They should be able to earn a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work."


Who is the most influential historical figure, in your eyes.

"I don’t know if there is one person that stands out over another. As I mull this question over, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, and Muhammad Ali come to mind. That said, I am going to take Ali. He stood strong in his beliefs, even when he lost everything(money, belts, the ability to feed his family)."


Will you fight for a “real” free press, and help usher out non truth news?

"I believe in a fair and honest reporting from the press. However, no matter how wrong fake news is, it is protected by freedom of speech."


Do you think it’s fair that teachers have to spend there own money to buy supplies for their classrooms?

"Not at all. Going back to schools being fully funded, this should also include but not be limited to teachers being budgeted fill their classroom supply needs."


What are your plans on helping the school system get better?

"Whatever I can. I would like to see a platform that is parallel to the Running Start program in the way of union-sponsored apprenticeships. Not every kid is cut out for college and the student needs to know that there are other means of a successful life outside of being a college graduate. Unions provide livable wage employment along with benefits so that the union member doesn’t have to worry about whether or not they can provide for their families."


Do you think teachers need a raise?

"Is this a real question. You’re damn right they deserve a raise!"


What are your thoughts on 15.00 min wage?

"$15.00/hr for a minimum wage good for entry-level positions."


What are your thoughts on the media coverage on police shootings, and do you think the media is fair on it's coverage?

"No, I don’t think that it is fair at all. A white person commits a crime, and that person was disturbed, never called a terrorist by any form of media coverage and they are depicted as a harmless person. However, when a person of color commits the same crime, they parade around the worst information about the individual as possible. They are never depicted in a positive fashion, if they have a mugshot somewhere, that is the picture that is used in the media. Further creating a divide between the people."   


Do you think your vote counts when you vote in an election? Why?

"Clearly they count! If this current political climate doesn’t show one that votes matter, I don’t know what will."


What are your thoughts on the C-TRAN system in Vancouver? Do you remember initiative 695?

"I am not familiar with the C-TRAN system other than the express service that I used to take and the VINE improvements that have been made to the Fourth Plain corridor. I am happy to research specific topics that you may have and get back to you."


What are your thoughts on companies using taxpayer money for building projects; example the Hilton hotel, and the Blazers basketball facility?

"If companies want projects paid for, they should find a way to do so. The citizen should not have to have a portion of their tax dollars go towards private projects because there is no means for the citizen to become a stakeholder in the project. If a business entity wants to use tax dollars to build, say, a sports venue, then every citizen should enjoy profit sharing in the form of said entity sharing the profits with the state. Thereby enabling the state to fill the gaps in the state budget as opposed to losing money that is needed in areas like education and infrastructure."


What are your thoughts on legal bribery or unlimited lobbyists funds to politicians?

"I don’t think that there is such thing as legal bribery in any form. Either way, I would be against it because it breeds corruption. I agree that money should be capped and monitored in the political arena. There is already too much political corruption in the way of money being thrown around to persuade the interest of our legislatures."


What are your thoughts on gun control?

"Washington State banned the sale of bump stocks which is a good step in my mind. There is a lot of confusion around the terminology right now which is making it harder to have an open dialogue on both sides, i.e. assault rifles/machine guns. I'm not interested in taking guns away from responsible gun owners. I am interested in reforms that make our society safer. On that note, I think we need make our schools safer in regards to gun violence and bullying. Access inside and outside of many of our schools is too easy, we need to resolve this immediately. We have a bullying problem as well which needs to be addressed and we have started to address it here in Ridgefield with slow but steady successes. We need more assistance given to those with mental health issues (not saying that everyone that commits a gun-related crime has a mental illness) with the effort of identifying someone that could potentially need that form of help."